Clobber Your Foes in Physics Based Boxing Game ‘Super Boxing Championship!’

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Knock out your opponent using a full body physics interaction system with simulated weight and collision!

Thrash and bash your way to victory, but remember to keep those hands up to protect your precious face. Super Boxing Championship! Is a physics-based, boxing simulation, action game. Each action will command your fighter to throw a punch or maneuver with velocity and force behind it. The amount of damage your attacks will do depends on how well your fist collides with your opponent’s face. Master the art of boxing with both your offensive and defensive moves. Throw a quick jab, lean back out the way of a counter-punch, then step forward and launch that right hook! 

Take on an exhibition match, or join a tournament bracket to make your way to the top of the ranks!

Challenge an infinite number of randomly generated opponents who each have their own little back story, appearance, and skill-set. Here’s a tip: The better their record, the more difficult they will be to defeat. If you feel like entering a quick match, join an exhibition game and pick your opponent. Or if you’re up for a bit more of a challenge, enter a tournament and choose which level of boxing expertise you will be up against. Build up an impressive record, climb the ranks, and collect all the trophies to become a true Super Boxing Champion! 

Career mode?

A proposed career mode will be in development, provided there is enough interest in the release of such a thing. A procedurally generated storyline will play out in the life and career of your boxer. Expect highs and lows of emotional character interactions in the personal life of your fighter as you are also fighting your way toward the world champion title of Super Boxing Championship! Love, loss, friendships, betrayal, victory, defeat, fame, fortune, glory. It’s got it all! 

Fight for the riches, style yourself accordingly, and flex on your enemies!

With each match you will earn cash to spend in the shop. Winning tournaments grants a nice bonus pay-day, and losses will obviously hurt that paycheck. Spend that hard earned money on a better haircut, dress head to toe in the latest fashion, and find the victory taunt that calls out to you. Super Boxing Championship! will launch with the original 6 hair-styles, 6 outfits, and 6 emotes featured in the classic live version of the game, with more fun cosmetics being added over time! 

11 tactical choices to display your skills as a professional boxer!

There are 11 different actions for you to utilize in the form of 6 attacks and 5 movements. 
  • Left Hook – Cock back that left arm and smash your opponent’s face! 
  • Right Hook – Load up that right hand and deliver a devastating blow! 
  • Uppercut – Wind up a dangerous swift uppercut! 
  • Left Jab – Throw a quick left jab! 
  • Right Jab – Pop a fast right jab! 
  • Low Jab – Throw a quick body shot to push your opponent away! 
  • Lean Left – Slip away from any incoming attacks!  
  • Lean Right – Bend in closer to extend your reach! 
  • Block – Defend yourself against a barrage of punches! 
  • Step Right – Move toward your opponent for the kill! 
  • Step Left – Get out of range and retreat to safety! 

Totally free, no advertisements, pure free entertainment!

This game is for entertainment purposes only. Nothing is worse than playing a free game on a mobile device and being bombarded with endless ads. Enjoy the freedom of free! 

SBC Sticker Pack!

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SBC! Sticker Pack

Download for free on iOS devices

Peel and stick together a fight scene! Pick an animated action from the game and create a boxing match right inside of iMessage. Send a knockout blow to your friends or pick a team and battle red versus blue!


Super Boxing Championship!

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