Join The Fight in ‘Super Boxing Championship!’ on!

Join The Fight in ‘Super Boxing Championship!’ on!
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Join The Worlds Most Anticipated Boxing Match

Super Boxing Championship! is a twitch chat interactive boxing physics simulation. It’s the red corner versus the blue corner and one of them is getting knocked out.

Compete against other viewers to be the knockout artist of the century! With an arsenal of 11 different offensive and defensive moves, command the fighter of your choice to bash the opposition in the face.

Enter the stream and complete with, or against, other viewers. View the commands list description panel for all the possible moves. Play and earn points for each command or donation. Spend your points by voting for cosmetic items for either fighter.

SBC! is debuting live on Twitch on August 11, 2020. A week long continuous marathon will be broadcast before the stream begins a daily set schedule.

Knock 'Em Out

In Super Boxing Championship! each fighter is capable of delivering a super knockout. A punch so extreme that it’s guaranteed to send the opponent flying out of the ring. You can command a super knockout by submitting a donation of any amount above $2!

Act as a lone wolf and try to get that KO when the time is right, or join the community and help the team of your choice to surpass the other team in total wins.

A Mobile Game is in Development

A Super Boxing Championship! mobile game is currently in development. Expect it to feature a singleplayer story mode with tons of ups and downs, twists and turns, plot points and plot holes. Control your destiny as you rise through the ranks of the Super Boxing Championship! to become the number one pound for pound boxer in the world.

To follow the community check the discord where I will be announcing major development milestones.