What is Stickrunningsupreme?

My name is Carson Brownlee.
I'm an independent app developer living in British Columbia, Canada.

The name Stickrunningsupreme
was born on Newgrounds when me and my friend decided to upload terrible flash games that would plague the platform.

After several years
of distributing garbage across the internet, I decided to move on to mobile app development.

Now, Stickrunningsupreme is
a home for my mobile games, which were all made independently, straight from my brain to your phone screen.

My Philosophy on Mobile Game Ads and In-App Purchases

With each game I create for Stickrunningsupreme I want to create a user experience that is not effected by ads or in-app purchases. By that I mean, ads that are in the game should not interrupt the gameplay, or be forced upon anyone to see. With each ad I want the user to have a choice and gain some type of benefit if they choose to see an ad, as a show of support to me, and a reward for themselves. The worst part about mobile gaming is sitting there watching ad after ad and having your gameplay experience repeatedly paused just to play a “free” game.

The same idea is applied for in-app purchases. If you choose to purchase something in the game, I want it to have an effect only on cosmetic items, or content that could still be accessed by all users, and not be a barrier to unlock unreachable content.

I want these games to be truly free, and to be able to be enjoyed by everyone equally.