Superbucks and Shop Item Drop! – Super Boxing Championship! v1.7 Dev Notes

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What's new in this update?

It’s time for a shop drop. 136 new cosmetic items have been added, along with a new item slot: Facewear. The variety of crazy characters has never been crazier. With this comes Superbucks! A new way to purchase shop items without having to spend hours grinding to earn cash.

  • SUPERBUCKS: A premium currency that is used to purchase Shop items and My Gym items.
  • FACEWEAR: The headwear slot has been divided into facewear and headwear, now allowing two types of head items.
    20 New Headwear Items
    12 New Facewear Items
    10 New Beards
    25 New Tattoos
    12 New Shoes
    5 New Emotes
    20 New Outfits
    18 New Hairstyles
    10 New Haircolors
    4 New Character Colors
    14 New Country Flags
    1 New Punching Bag
    1 New Music Track

For more detailed information about Superbucks and the new items, keep on reading below!

Say Hello To Superbucks

Superbucks are a premium currency that can be purchased and used with all of your boxers. Instead of grinding for hours to earn cash, some players have requested the ability to purchase items from the shop directly.

25 Superbucks will be equivalent to one $5000 cash item. If you would still prefer to play to earn your money, but earn it faster, the Cha-Ching Energy booster will still be a useful booster, as it will give you more value for your money when completing high level difficulty matches.

Each Superbucks package will offer better discounts as you spend more, with a maximum of 40% better value when purchasing the largest package.

The First Large Shop Drop

This is the first large shop item drop, of which there will be more in the future. With this update there’s so much cosmetic variety that you’ll be sure to encounter some truly unique opponents.

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