New Ways to Earn, Learn, and Spend! – Super Boxing Championship! v1.2 Dev Notes

You are currently viewing New Ways to Earn, Learn, and Spend! – Super Boxing Championship! v1.2 Dev Notes

What's New?

  • New cosmetic types: Headwear, Beard, Bag
  • Tutorial mode and training mode, a gym session for you to master your skills and earn cash
  • Opponent difficulty explained more clearly in exhibition mode with a skill meter and label
  • Emotes can now be previewed in the shop
  • Pause gameplay during an exhibition or tournament match
  • Knock outs can now happen during any knock down. Previously 3 knock downs were required to get a knock out.
  • Menu improvements for different device size

Keep on reading for more details about all the brand new content in Super Boxing Championship!

New Ways to Learn and Earn

Head to the Super Boxing Championship Training Center to master your skills. If you’ve never entered the gym before, Coach will explain the basics of how to fight in the boxing ring. After you’ve learned the fundamentals you can always return to the gym to make some cash and practice your combos with Coach!

New Ways to Spend

There’s three new cosmetic options to spend your hard earned cash on! Facial hair, head gear, and custom punching bags! With all these options your boxer is sure to be entering the ring with his own unique style. But don’t forget about the punching bags. You’ll be the coolest fighter in the gym with your own custom punching bag. Some of the pricier bags even have unique effects when you hit them!

Quality Changes

With this update there are several quality of life changes that address some previous issues. First of all, a pause button was requested and has now been added to the game during exhibition and tournament matches. If you need to quit a match or pause the game, now you can.

Also requested by many, was the ability to score a knockout before you reached three knock downs. Previously you would only win the match once you reached three knock downs, but now it’s possible to win the match at any point with a flash knockout! The harder you hit your opponent while dropping them will increase your chances of putting them out cold.

Now, when you navigate to the Emote tab in the shop screen, you will get a preview of the Emote that you want to purchase. This eliminates any random guessing on what you’re purchasing.

The theme of this update was clearing up any guess-work or lack of information on how to play Super Boxing Championship. So for the last change, it’s now easier to tell how challenging your opponent will be. In exhibition mode there is now a meter to explain their skill level. Previously, the win/loss record was the only indication of how tough your opponent will be, and now it’s clearly displayed so it should be easier to understand the challenge you’re up against.

Much More to Come

I hope you enjoy this update and stick around for future updates. There’s a lot more in store for Super Boxing Championship! and Stickrunningsupreme. Stay tuned.


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