My Gym! Customize Your Own Shareable Gym – Super Boxing Championship! v1.49 Dev Notes

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What Is My Gym?

My Gym is a customizable gym that can be shared with a link that will allow other users to enter your gym and train in it!

Personalize your gym to create the perfect space for training and displaying your accomplishments in your own unique style with different objects such as furniture, decor, punching bags, and awards.

  • CUSTOMIZE: Place items and select options to create a gym that suites your boxer’s unique style
  • AWARDS: Earn awards from achieving goals in Super Boxing Championship! and display them in your gym
  • TRAINING: Train with Coach inside your gym with the heavy bag, padwork, or sparring training modes
  • SHARE YOUR GYM: Generate a shareable link to allow others to enter your gym and train inside it!
  • HOLIDAY ITEMS: Special limited holiday items will be available for a limited amount of time
  • FUTURE HUB OF CAREER MODE: Your gym will be the hub for training and displaying achievements and memorabilia during the upcoming career mode

For more information and explanation on all the changes in the new My Gym! update, and tips on how to use it, keep on reading below.

Style Your Gym Environment

There are 4 options that will change the gym environment.
– Color
– Logo
– Music
– Punching Bag

Use Color to paint the walls to something other than the default grey.
The Logo option is locked initially, and will be earned during your career mode journey.
Music is a background track that plays while you’re training in the gym. Blast some 80’s pop and get in the zone with Coach, or maybe choose some smooth jazz to help you focus on smashing those pads.
The punching bag is a unique bag that will be used when you enter the Heavy Bag training mode.

Fill Your Gym Full Of Furniture And Decor

There are 4 items that can be placed on the grid spaces.
– Furniture
– Decor
– Memorabilia
– Awards

How does your boxer like to train? Does his gym have an organized shelf full of awards and achievements, or is his gym filled with cactuses and toilets? Well it’s up to you!

Furniture items will create surface spaces that will allow you to place more furniture or decor items.

Decor items are cosmetic objects that give your gym that special flare, and represent your unique interior design style.

Holiday Items will be items that are available only for a limited time before being removed from the shop forever.

Achieve Goals, Unlock Awards

Awards are items that can be earned for completing goals in Super Boxing Championship! These can be placed in your gym to show off your achievements.
Some awards will be earned during your career mode journey, and some from the quickplay modes.

Memorabilia, Coming Soon

Memorabilia will be items that are unlocked during career mode. Throughout your journey some important events will take place, and depending on how you preform, you’ll be collecting items such as photographs, promotional posters, artwork, and more during your career. These will be placed in your gym to represent the history of your career.

How To Use: My Gym!

Select the Shop button to browse all of the available items for your currently selected item filter.

Color, Logo, Music, and Punching Bags are singular items, only one of each can be applied at any time.

You can purchase multiples of Furniture and Decor, and place as many as you wish, as long as there’s space on the grid space.

Memorabilia and Awards are earned, so when viewing them in the shop, it provides a preview to explain the details of these items.

Select the Owned button to browse and apply the items that you currently own. 

Color, Logo, Music, and Punching Bags can be applied, while Furniture, Decor, Memorabilia, and Awards can be placed on the available grid space.
To do this you tap on the item in the inventory bar and drag up onto the grid.
You can also select items that are on the grid to move or place them back into your inventory bar by tapping on the item and dragging up or down.

Some items are Surface Items that can only be placed on grid spaces that are on or above furniture. Wall Items can be placed anywhere that is not on furniture.

Share Your Gym With Guests

Create a unique shareable ‘’ link that will allow guests to enter your gym. They’ll get to witness the glory of your unique personalized gym. Show off your awards, memorabilia, and interior design skills!

Enter My Gym In Super Boxing Championship!

The shared link will generate a thumbnail looking like this. When someone taps the link it’ll open SBC! on their device and go directly to your gym. If they don’t have the app installed, it will send them to the app store.

Thank You For Sticking Around, We're Not Stopping Anytime Soon

This My Gym! update is just part of the larger plan for career mode. Your gym will be included as an important story element in your career but I also consider it an entirely useable feature outside of your career too, so I figured it deserved to have it’s own update.

Career mode is up next, coming soon, and it’s gonna be great. Thank you for sticking around during the development.

I hope you enjoy making your own personalized gym. Feel free to share it in the Stickrunningsupreme Discord so I can check it out!


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