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What's new in this update?

Super Boxing Championship! has returned with a new and improved look and feel. The long awaited v2.0 is now available, and with it comes many interesting new changes!

  • HEIGHT AND WEIGHT: Height and weight are available in the boxer creation menu. Height will increase your boxer’s reach, but reduce the precision of punches and movements. Weight will increase your boxer’s strength and mass, but slow down punches and movements.
  • GUARD BLOCKING SYSTEM: Blocking a punch will decrease your guard. Once it’s depleted your opponent’s punches will break your block and stun you. You slowly regenerate guard while not blocking, and quickly regain guard when landing a punch.
  • IMPROVED OUTFIT SYSTEM: The previous OUTFIT item slot is now broken down into TORSO, LEGS, and GLOVES. With this comes many new shop items.
  • MORE CELEBRITIES: Three new celebrities have been added, along with a new celebrity outfit kit system.
  • ONLINE ACCOUNTS AND CLOUD SAVING: Create an account to store your data in the cloud. Online accounts will be used for multiplayer and social features in future updates.
  • REFINED GAME QUALITY: Improved physics, collisions, user interface, performance, and much more.
  • GRAPHICS SETTINGS: Ability to tune your device’s performance with quality settings, including a new PERFOMANCE MODE for low end devices with limited memory.
  • CUSTOM MODE LOCAL MULTIPLAYER: Single device local multiplayer via blue tooth controller in Custom mode, plus new custom gameplay options and backgrounds.

For more detailed information about everything that’s been added in this long awaited update, keep on reading below!

Height And Weight - Tall Boys And Thick Boys

The absolute most requested feature that has not yet been implemented was adding weight customization. Now, with this update you will have the ability to change your boxer’s height and weight!

Each of these measurements will change your boxer’s movements in different ways that will allow you to define your own unique playstyle, however they each have pros and cons.

Height will effectively increase the reach of your punches and the length of your body while leaning, but you’ll be sacrificing precise and snappy movements.

Weight will increase your body mass and punching power. You’ll be physically heavier than those who are lighter and your punches will have more of a buckling effect. However the load-up time while cocking back your punches will take longer, and your weight will slow your mobility slightly.

With these new factors introduced it adds a new dimension of randomness and variability when fighting other boxers!

Height and weight can be set when creating a new boxer, or at any time when navigating to the boxer edit page.

New Blocking System - Guard

The blocking system has been reimagined. Previously you could endlessly block punches until you took a shot to the body, which would then break your block and stun you. This wasn’t a fully thought out system, so it needed some fixing.

The new Guard meter is shown in the purple bar below your stamina meter. How blocking works now is simple and effective. While blocking, any shot that lands in your blocking stance (guard) will chip away at your guard instead of your health. Guard is restored slowly while you’re not actively blocking, but if you’re landing your own offensive punches on your opponent it’ll restore much faster, as each punch landed will restore a chunk of your guard. If your guard is empty and you block a punch, your block will be broken and you’ll become temporarily stunned.

The boxer skill system has been changed to accommodate this new feature. The old Dexterity skill has been replaced with a new skill called Defense. The skill has the same functionality as before but it also increases the effectiveness of your guard ability. The old Defense skill has been renamed to Durability. Confusing but you’ll understand.

No More Outfits - Shirts, Shorts And Gloves!

Another highly requested feature has been the ability to customize your boxer’s shorts and gloves along with the previous all encompassing outfit shop item. With this update the old outfit item has been separated into torso, legs, and gloves!

This change has a massive effect on the ability to customization your character to your liking. It also makes the variety of opponents you’ll encounter much more random and interesting!

A New Batch Of Celebrities!

The world always needs new celebrities, and so does Super Boxing Championship! Introducing: Fanny Pacman, Has Bulla, and Cobra Taint. These new celebrities are the toughest on the roster and provide a unique new set of challenges for you to tackle after your career retirement!

This update also introduces the idea of celebrity outfit kits. When you defeat a celebrity for the first time you’ll unlock their outfit kit which is an assortment of unlockable shop items that are different for each celebrity.

Local Multiplayer - More Custom Mode Shenanigans

Single device local multiplayer is now possible with a blue tooth controller! After selecting your custom mode opponent you’ll now have the option to take control of them with a blue tooth gamepad, or leaving them as a bot. This will allow one player to play on the device with the touch screen and the other player to participate with a controller. It’s also possible to use two controllers if you’re fortunate enough to own multiple.

There are also three new unique custom mode rules and three new backgrounds!


  • Pillow Fight
  • Wobble
  • Combo Meter


  • Dojo
  • Videogame
  • Times square

Finally, Graphics Settings!

When you navigate to the settings menu you’ll now find a Quality settings panel. If you have a new or high performance device there should be no problem playing on high, which is equivalent to what the game previously was always on. Selecting normal mode is a nice performance boost for minimal quality sacrifice, and low is low.

Performance Mode is meant for old or slow devices. This setting will set the graphics to low, as well as utilize half of the processing power for the physics calculations and instead interpolate the results. The physics may be slightly more erratic but any device should be able to handle the demand during gameplay with this special setting.

Sign Up For An Account - Cloud Saving Plus More

Sign up for a Super Boxing Championship! account. You won’t regret it. If you’ve ever wanted to back up your save file to the cloud to share with other devices or simply prevent data deletion, the solution is finally here!

Data will be automatically saved to the cloud after important events like completing a match or purchasing an item while you’re signed in and connected to the internet.

By the way, even if you’re not connected to the internet, there’s no need to worry. The system is designed to work with online and offline data seamlessly! Lot’s of focus has been put into maintaining the offline playability of Super Boxing Championship! and making the online features fully optional. 

Speaking of online features, cloud saving isn’t the only thing you’ll be using your account for. In future updates multiplayer, social features, and friends lists will be introduced. All of these systems will be connected to this very same Super Boxing Championship! account. So don’t wait to sign up!

Tap the Account button at the bottom right of the screen to open the profile menu.

Choose a Sign in provider to create an account or sign in.

Inside the profile menu you can manage your sign in provider settings.

Improvements All Across The Board

If you think the game feels better, looks better, sounds better, and smells better, that’s because does. Well maybe not the smell, but many aspects of the game have been refined and improved. Here’s a list of some of the main tweaks to make the game feel more polished and complete:

  • Improved Step Forward movement
  • Changed Lean Forward to more of a “ducking” stance
  • Uppercut punch has been changed to be more unique and less similar to the old Left Hook punch
  • New AI behavior overhaul
  • Major gameplay difficulty balancing
  • Getting up animation after being knocked down
  • New cleaner UI panels
  • Screen shake visual feedback when landing punches
  • Slow motion audio improved
  • Arm collisions refined to reduce limb locking
  • Particle performance improvements
  • Upgraded physics and collision systems
  • Arm length extended slightly to increase reach
  • Right arm punches more closely match the distance of left arm punches
  • Hold Step Forward or Step Back to continuously move
  • Training mode is less punishing when failing a training prompt
  • Much more that I’ve surely forgotten about 

Some Neat Little Things To Note

Here’s a few new additions to know about that you might miss if you weren’t reading these Dev Notes!

  • The previous unlimited cap on boxers has been changed to a maximum of 5 boxers. This is due to the addition of cloud saving and the cost of data storage. Plus having more than 5 boxers is crazy anyways!
  • New feature of having a Sponsor – You’ll be featured on Super Ad endorsements that can be found while scrolling through Supergram
  • When creating a new boxer and participating in the tutorial warm up, Coach will explain the new height and weight system, as well as the new blocking guard system
  • When watching a highlight you can now double tap on the screen to hide the UI and watch a clean view of your highlights, then tap once again to reenable the UI

Keeping The Spirit Of Non Intrusive Ads - And What's Next?

My main goal of creating amazing free games with every bit of content available without being behind a paywall remains the same. This goes for non intrusive ads as well. No intrusive ads will be shown to the player, unless they decide to watch one in exchange for a bonus! With that being said, a banner ad will be shown during career mode dialogue scenes in the least intrusive spot possible. 

The main reason this has been added is in preparation to pay for the game servers that will be used for the multiplayer mode coming up in the next update. Stay tuned for that much anticipated update!

As for this update, it was by far the largest one yet in terms of behind the scenes work. It included reconstructing the game almost entirely over again, from the physics engine to the outfit overhaul, and every single thing in between.

Thank you to everyone who’s been waiting for this update and sticking around throughout the journey of Super Boxing Championship!


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