Match Highlights, Slow-Mo, Social Sharing, Tattoos, KO Bonus, + More! – Super Boxing Championship! v1.4 Dev Notes

You are currently viewing Match Highlights, Slow-Mo, Social Sharing, Tattoos, KO Bonus, + More! – Super Boxing Championship! v1.4 Dev Notes

What's New?

  • HIGHLIGHTS: After each match, up to 3 knock down highlights are recorded
  • SHARING FEATURES: Generate a shareable link to allow others watch your highlights
  • MATCH HISTORY: Your 25 most recent match results are saved with their stats, opponents, and highlights
  • TATTOOS: Fill your body from head to toe with tattoos, you can purchase a tattoo for each part of your body
  • GAUNTLET MODE: Fight three opponents in a row without stopping, royal rumble style, new trophies to collect
  • SLOW-MO KO: The final knockdown that results in a KO will slow down time and zoom in
  • KO BONUS (REWARDED AD): After every Victory, you can claim a KO bonus check by watching a video ad
  • OPTIONS: Audio Slider, Vibration, Redeem Reward Code
  • PATREON: Patreon page has been added to support the independent development of this game
  • DISCORD: A Stickrunningsupreme Discord server has launched as a place for SBC! players and all other mobile gamers to come together as a community. Emojis, Rewards, Community, it’s got it all.
    – 3 New Outfits
    – 3 New Beards
    – 3 New Hairstyles
    – 3 New Haircolors
    – 3 New Headwear
    – 3 New Punching Bags

For more information and explanation on all the changes in the new update, keep on reading below, there’s a lot in this one!

Experience Those Sweet Highlights

Highlights are now recorded during knockdowns! A maximum of three highlights will be shown at the end of a match along with the previous results and fight stats. Now you can watch your masterful performance and have a reason to get some flashy KO’s.

What Would Make Those Highlights Even More Satisfying?

Slow motion replay of course. The last knock down of any match will cause the camera to zoom in and time will slow down, which makes sending your opponent to the canvas even more epic. You can watch this over and over again in the highlights!

But What's The Point If No One Else Can See It?

That’s why I’ve added a social sharing feature that goes beyond the typical “Tweet this score”.  Once you’ve finished your match and gotten your sweet highlight finishes, you can create a unique shareable link that can be posted anywhere on the internet, and anyone who opens the link will be able to watch your highlights inside Super Boxing Championship! They also show a preview of the action with a small GIF that’s attached to the link.

View My Super Boxing Championship Highlights!

Here’s a match that I’ve just finished. Once you have the newest version of SBC! installed, you’ll be able to watch the highlights when you tap on this “” link!

One Last Thing About These Highlights

You can now view your match history. Your 25 most recent matches are saved for you to go back and watch or share. You’ll get to look back upon your resume of recent victories and knockouts!

A Royal Rumble Style Gauntlet Battle

Another quick play game mode has been added. This one is definitely the most challenging. You’ll face three opponents in a row without stopping, however their damage is slightly reduced. Prove you’re really the greatest in the world by defeating multiple foes without ever even stepping out of the ring.

Knockout Of The Night Winner!

If you’ve been wanting to earn more money at the end of a match, this ones for you. At the end of any match that you’ve won, you’ll be awarded with the option to collect a KO Bonus Check. This is an optional rewarded video ad that’ll pay you the amount that’s written on your bonus check.

This is the first (and only) ad in the game, which means if you support me, or the development of this game, but you don’t feel like purchasing Cha-Ching Energy, or becoming a patron on Patreon, then watching an ad would also be a much appreciated form of support!

Get Inked All Over Your Body

Tattoos are a natural part of boxing and being tough. Originally I had planned to have tattoos included in some of the outfits. Then I decided having them as their own item would be better. Then I decided having a tattoo for each part of your body would be even better! So now you can purchase unique tattoos for your head, body, left arm, right arm, left leg, and right leg. 

Options Have Been Requested

If you’ve ever wanted to play Super Boxing Championship! and listen to music at the same time, I’m sorry. But now that issue is no more. Just open up the settings menu and turn down (or off) the game volume. You can also turn on vibrations for when you get punched so you can really feel it. This is also where you’ll be able to claim reward codes that you’ll receive if you’re a patron on Patreon, or hang out on the Discord server, or even follow me on any social medias. I’ll be handing out codes from time to time for fun!

More Shop Items, And More To Come

With this update comes three new shop items of every variety. I plan to add new shop content to the store every week or so, so keep checking back in for more fun items. There will also be one final category of item introduced into the game in the next update. 

Thank You, And Still So Much More Is On The Way

This was quite a large update that took longer than expected, but I hope you enjoy all the features that were added! Next up is the much anticipated career mode. Stay tuned into Super Boxing Championship! and Stickrunningsupreme. More exciting content will be coming!


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