Combat Changes, More Color, and More Energy! – Super Boxing Championship! v1.3 Dev Notes

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What's New?

  • Combat Improvements: Body punches damage during block, Stamina regeneration rate increased, Tap to recover from knock down, UI improvements
  •  Bruising: Punches now cause facial bruising and cosmetic damage
  •  Cha-Ching Energy: In app purchase, double your earnings for +25 matches
  • Hair Colors: Default natural colors, purchasable dyes
  • New Emotes: 3 new emotes added

For more information and details on the changes in the new update, keep on reading below!

Changes to the Combat System

The most requested feature, and the most necessary update has been the ability to “tap to get up” from a knock down. Now you will always have a fighting chance to get back to your feet, at least until you’re knocked down for a third which will then result in a TKO.

When you get knocked down tap the screen as fast as you can, until the white background reaches the top of the screen, to recover and regain your consciousness! Coach will be by your side encouraging you to get back up and continue fighting.

Previously body punches didn’t do anything except for push the opponent backwards. Now they’ll deal damage when the opponent is blocking! If they’re shelling up and blocking for too long, just give them a few body shots to keep the pressure on them.

Some user interface elements have been improved too. The health meter has been changed to show a more detailed amount of hit points remaining. 

Stamina regeneration has also been tweaked so that you won’t be waiting so long to recover once your stamina has been fully depleted. It will now recover slightly faster when you have almost no stamina remaining.

And the knock down meter now displays placeholders under the knock down count, to help users understand that the match ends at three knock downs.

Bashing Faces Just Got Even More Fun

Boxing isn’t pretty. So you can now smash your opponents face until it’s black and blue. Whenever you land a blow that causes significant damage it’ll leave a mark. Black eyes, knocked out teeth, swollen faces. It’s gonna get ugly.

Hair Colors To Spice Up Your Boxer

Not everyone has black hair, like the last version of Super Boxing Championship! would lead you to believe. Now you can choose your hair color! You will start with four natural hair colors already unlocked: Black, brown, red, and blonde. If you’re feeling like that’s not exciting enough for you then go ahead and dye your hair! Several crazy colors have been added in this first edition of hair colors, with more sure to come in the future.

With this update there are also three new emotes, check them out in the shop next time you’re there!

Cha-Ching Energy Has Arrived

Cha-Ching Energy is an in-app purchase that will double your earnings from exhibition and tournament matches! Each purchase will add 25 Energy Boosts to your boxer, and each time you complete a match it will double your money and consume an Energy Boost.

This is the first in-app purchase for Super Boxing Championship! and it’s a change to the game that I want to closely monitor. I made sure to include this into the game only as an optional purchase that won’t effect the user experience for people who don’t want to spend any money.

If you support me as an independent developer and appreciate the work I’m doing with Super Boxing Championship! and want to see more amazing free games in the future. This is one way you can show your support to help me pursue game development as a full time career, and of course create more free content for everyone to enjoy.

It’ll be purchasable for $1.99 USD and is subject to change depending on your local currency.

My Philosophy on Mobile Game Ads and In-App Purchases

With each game I create for Stickrunningsupreme I want to create a user experience that is not effected by ads or in-app purchases. By that I mean, ads that are in the game should not interrupt the gameplay, or be forced upon anyone to see. With each ad I want the user to have a choice and gain some type of benefit if they choose to see an ad, as a show of support to me, and a reward for themselves. The worst part about mobile gaming is sitting there watching ad after ad and having your gameplay experience repeatedly paused just to play a “free” game.

The same idea is applied for in-app purchases. If you choose to purchase something in the game, I want it to have an effect only on cosmetic items, or content that could still be accessed by all users, and not be a barrier to unlock unreachable content.

I want these games to be truly free, and to be able to be enjoyed by everyone equally.

Thank You, and Much More to Come

I hope you enjoy this second update to Super Boxing Championship! This game is still in it’s beginning stages and will get better with each update. Again, there’s a lot more in store for Super Boxing Championship! and Stickrunningsupreme. Stay tuned.


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