Celebrities, Energy, and Taunting! – Super Boxing Championship! v1.6 Dev Notes

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What's new in this update?

The theme of this update is fun. More entertaining ways to play with energy drinks that unlock special abilities, celebrities that have unique moves and styles, and a new mechanic to control your arms for taunting, prodding, measuring, or whatever else you can think of!

  • CELEBRITY MODE: 5 initial parodies of boxing celebrities introduced for this new mode, each with unique fighting styles and skills.
  • ENERGY DRINKS: New In – App – Purchases that will offer more entertaining ways to experience Super Boxing Championship! Another way to support development.
  • TAUNTING: Tap and hold left or right jab to control the respective arm to preform a dynamic taunt, dance, or any other movement.

For more detailed information about the new additions to the game, keep on reading below!

Say Hello To Super Boxing Championship's Celebrity Superstars

Celebrity mode is a special game mode that’s unlocked after earning the Super Boxing Champion title and retiring from your career. 

In this first version of celebrity mode there will be 5 unique characters to challenge. Each of these fighters are inspired by famous boxers throughout history, real or fictional.

Challenge yourself against these legendary boxers who have a difficulty level higher than the highest All-Star fighter, and each have a unique fighting style, or special trait.

More Energy Drinks For More Ways To Beat People Up

More energy drink boosters have been added, so if you’re looking for a new way to fight, here’s your answer! These boosters will unlock special upgrades to use during your fights.

Ka-Boom Energy allow you to charge up a power punch (Left Hook, Right Hook, or Uppercut) and unleash a powerful attack that causes some extra damage, as well as more knockback on impact, and a guaranteed chance to temporarily stun your opponent. 

Tick-Tock Energy enables a you to earn a burst of speed and energy after landing a quick combo. If you land 3 punches in a row quickly, you’ll enter a super speed mode that lasts for about 10 seconds and greatly increases your movement speed, and stamina recovery.

Ka-Boom Energy

Charge up power punches to unleash a powerful attack that causes extra damage, extra knockback, and guarantees a stun on impact.

Tick-Tock Energy

Earn a burst of speed and energy after landing a quick 3 punch combo. Super speed lasts for 10 seconds and greatly increases movement speed and stamina recovery.

Variety Pack

Contains 10 of each energy drink: Cha-Ching, Ka-Boom, and Tick-Tock. This pack has an added value of +5 bonus energy boosters and allows you to sample each one.

These drinks were added to the game as a new way to enjoy the combat, for alternative entertainment. They’re not intended to be payed power boosters. Each item has a condition to use, like charging to power punch, or landing a combo to activate super speed. Oh, and try knocking your opponent out with a power punch and see what happens.

Charging punches has been a long requested feature. If there are most suggestions for alternate mechanics, suggest them and I’ll consider adding them as an energy drink! 

Swing Those Floppy Arms Around

Emotes are perfect for styling on your opponent after you’ve bashed their face in, but what about during the fight? Introducing, taunting!

Give 'em the good old 'Put yer dukes up!'

Tap and hold one of the jab buttons, and drag your finger around to that respective hand. Controlling the hands might not be as easy as it looks, but you have the ability to taunt your opponent however you wish!

Drag your finger vertically, up and down, to control the bicep direction. Drag your finger horizontally, left and right, to control the forearm direction.

There's More To Come In the Future

Enjoy fighting against the new competition, and feel free to join the discord server and suggest the next celebrities to be added! More free content will be added to Super Boxing Championship for a long time to come.

The next step in the update list is a large shop and gym item supply drop. Tons of new cosmetic gear is on the way. Perfect for preparing yourself to flex on other players, as multiplayer will soon be in development.


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