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Career Is Here!

The long awaited career mode has hit the app stores.
Begin your career and work towards becoming the next Super Boxing Champion! Meet team members, train your skills, gain a social media following, fight for world titles, and leave your legacy in the Super Boxing Championship!

  • COMPETE: Fight in a new career match type that allows for judges decisions after 3-5 rounds
  • DIALOGUE: Shape your path with dialogue and social choices that allow you to define your boxer’s personality 
  • STORY: Experience your boxer’s story. From humble beginnings, to becoming the greatest boxer in the world
  • WORLD TITLES: Compete against increasingly difficult competition as you climb the rankings and earn each of the 5 world titles
  • SKILLS: Train your boxer in your local gym to earn experience points and level up each of your 5 new skills
  • SOCIALS: Post images to your boxer’s social media account to grow a fanbase and experience fame within the boxing world
  • TEAM: Assemble a team of coaches, promoters, and sponsors to help you in your boxing journey
  • MEMORABILIA: Earn collectable art during your career that can be placed in your personal gym
  • MORE TO COME: More features will be added with future career mode updates

For more information and a more detailed break down of the new career mode, keep on reading below!

The Story Of Your Career

Career mode will put you through a classic boxing tale of starting with nothing, and ending up on top. You have been watching the Super Boxing Championship all your life, while dreaming of becoming the worlds biggest boxing star. On the first day you decide to enter your local gym, you meet a man named Coach. This begins your journey from humble beginnings, into superstardom and fame. Along the way you’ll meet people who join your team, gain fans, train in the gym and improve your boxing skills, fight your way up the rankings to earn titles, speak to media, and collect memorabilia throughout your career. All with the ultimate goal of retiring as the greatest boxer of all time.

Train Your Skills With Coach

While training before each of your fights in your career, you’ll be gaining experience in the gym and earning skill points. These skill points will be able to be spent in order to increase these new boxing skills.


Strength is an essential tool in every power puncher’s arsenal. Your punches will inflict more damage and cause longer and more effective stuns to your opponents.


Defense is the combination of toughness and resilience, it shows how well a fighter can really take a punch. Your opponent’s punches will inflict less damage and the effect of being stunned will be reduced.


Speed is the art of beating your opponent to the punch. Your punches will be thrown quicker and your recovery time between punches will be reduced. Your ability to counteryour opponent will also be increased.


Endurance determines how much gas you have in the tank. Your stamina will regenerate more quickly and blocking/leaning will consume less stamina.


Dexterity is known as hand-eye coordination, also revealing your fight IQ. Your block breaks will be more effective and last longer. Your counter punch damage will be increased. Also, your dodges will be more effective in regenerating stamina.

Climb The Rankings, Earn World Titles

The Super Boxing Championship has a pound for pound rankings list of the top 100 fighters. You will be competing to climb to the top of the list. With each fight you’ll challenge fighters and compete to take their spot.

You’ll compete in a new match type that consists of three rounds of action, each lasting two minutes. It will end in a judges decision if there was never a knock out stoppage. Title challenger fights will contain 5 rounds.

There are 5 world titles to earn, each at different levels of competition. In order to become the greatest of all time, you must collect and hold each of these titles.

Fight to earn each of the prestigious world titles

Gain A Social Following

During your career, you’ll want to be documenting your journey. This is done by posting updates about each fight or interesting event that takes place to your social media profile. Fans will comment on your photos, and once you reach a certain level of fame you’ll be offered opportunities such as sponsorships, media events, and fan art.

Assemble A Team

Every great boxer has a great team behind them. It takes more than one person to make it to the top!

In the beginning of your career you’ll encounter Coach. He is your trainer, mentor, and guide during your career. As you gain more notoriety in the boxing world you’ll encounter promoters, who want to help you schedule fights, and sponsors, who take your social following and maximize your career earnings.

Promoters, Coaches, and Sponsors

Become The Next Super Boxing Champion

The ultimate goal is to retire as the greatest boxer ever. To do that, you’ll get have to get a hold of that final Super Boxing Champion belt by dethroning the current #1 ranked Super Boxing Champion. He’s revered as the all time best, but you’re here to give him the first loss of his professional career.

Wear that belt with pride

Collect Career Memorabilia

As you compete, meet people, and achieve certain goals in your career, you’ll encounter memorabilia that can be placed in your customizable gym. Collect anything from world title belt trophies, to fan art, to selfies.

The headlines after a heated press conference

What's Next For SBC?

Thank you everybody for waiting for the career mode update. I hope you enjoy fighting for that #1 rank.
There is more content coming to career mode very soon, such as a career history timeline, and a celebrity boxing mode.
There will also be more events and story updates to the career in the future in order to expand the base of what’s already there.

Stick around for more updates! The next step in the plan for Super Boxing Championship! is controller support, launching for free on Steam for PC, more shop items, and of course a multiplayer game mode.


Super Boxing Championship!

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