You Can Create a Character for Handi Bot!

You Can Create a Character for Handi Bot!
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Handi Bot Version 2.0 is now out and that means an all new shop, with all new skins, designed by players like you, that you can buy with all new currency: HandiCoins!

Earn HandiCoins simply while playing Handi Bot and traveling across the city skies, gaining distance, and scoring high.

These coins can be used to purchase cosmetic skins in the new Character Shop. Every character is a unique robot in the post apocalyptic world that is over-run by the bots. Six cyborgs are already introduced to the game in this first edition release of the Handi Bot Character Art Contest.

Meet the starting roster of the Handi Bot world.

The world of bots is ever expanding and needs your help to pump out as many mechanical creations as possible. You can submit your own in-game character into the Handi Bot Character Shop for the world to enjoy!

In order to join the “Handi Bot Character Art Contest” on Instagram or Twitter; you must post a picture of your robotic themed character sketch and include #handibot in the caption. Your sketch will be re-drawn in the minimalist Handi Bot Art Style, and don’t worry, we are accepting almost any creation that comes to mind, regardless of your drawing ability. To enter the contest there are only a few rules and guidelines to ensure your character creation will be accepted.

Contest Rules:

  • Create a concept sketch of a robotic themed character
  • Ensure your character has some sort of hook launching feature (ex. Handi Bot’s Arm)
  • Post a picture of your concept sketch to Instagram or Twitter
  • Include #handibot in the caption or tweet
  • Include some details about your character such as name, hook launcher mechanism, and how many HandiCoins it should cost in the Character Shop.
  • Follow @stickrunningsupreme on Instagram or @SRSMobileGames on Twitter

The only restrictions:

  • Must be suitable subject matter for all ages
  • Can’t be blatant copyright of another franchise character

Get creative and have fun knowing your character will be implemented into Handi Bot!

The deadline for the first round of submissions is December 21, 2018.


Enjoy Handi Bot Version 2.0 and all the future characters to come!

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