How We Created a Mobile Game On a Budget [Part 2]

Converting Photography Into Video Game Graphics. Using real life photography or stock photo graphics as game art is a specific stylist choice. In our case it did more than just provide a pseudo-realistic cartoon appearance, it helped our development time and costs. Instead of facing the drawbacks of hiring an illustrator,…

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How We Created a Mobile Game On a Budget

Why did we choose to create a mobile game with such limited resources? We as a newly branded mobile game company, wanted to show you guys, and also our peers, that anyone can develop an app, game, or any type of  software with minimal investment. As always our focus is on…

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Grapple Across the City in ‘Handi Bot’

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Handi Bot is a fast paced action sidescroller that requires timing and quick reflexes in order to score big. The game is quite simple yet challenging at the same time. Using two simple controls you will grapple into the sky to launch yourself from a skyscraper roof top, then release…

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