How We Created a Mobile Game On a Budget

How We Created a Mobile Game On a Budget

Why did we choose to create a mobile game with such limited resources?

We as a newly branded mobile game company, wanted to show you guys, and also our peers, that anyone can develop an app, game, or any type of  software with minimal investment. As always our focus is on funny, entertaining, and free games that attempt to fight the over saturated ad filled market running the top charts of free mobile games these days. Here at SRS we challenged our goal and achieved it! You may ask what our inspiration was. While we were working on a game that was inspired by the fast paced and always ridiculous beloved style of Wario Ware games, we decided to limit our resources to see what was possible.



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Total production cost for this app was around $60

In order to save as much money as possible we chose to use real life photography as our art style instead of paying for any type of animator or artist. At first we looked into stock photos, but at a hefty price of around $229 for just 25 pictures of our main game play entity: Hands, we decided to capture our own photos. Now lets break down our total production cost and how exactly we got there. To take professional looking photographs we knew we needed a tripod. This was the only real investment, but at only $40, and the fact it can be used for any other content that we desire to create, makes it a very worthwhile purchase. The other $20 was a simple trip to the dollar store for cheap props. We collected various outfits to cover our subject, which in our case is just a hand wearing different gloves, and it costed next to nothing. What about the camera? No need for anything expensive, we just used the cameras we had in our pockets! In our case it was the iPhone 8. Equipped with a free manual camera app we were able to capture amazing pictures and video with only our smartphones. What about lighting? True, we did use a soft box light which have had from the past, but the smaller lamps we used, had very much the same effect. So think about that next time you are inspired to create!

Grandma's Sandwich is the name.

Grandma’s sandwich is the app that we are creating using only what we have described. The story line of Grandma’s Sandwich, is about exactly what you would expect, or not. Your wonderful Grandma makes you one of her famous mouthwatering sandwiches that you oh so love. However it is a bit too mouthwatering as your nosy neighbor catches the powerful scent as well. Now you are in for it as he slides on some protective gloves and tries to swipe that mountain of love and delicious deli meaty goodness. But wait! You have a keen defensive hand for swatting away intruders and are now pitted in a life or death battle against that once beloved neighbor, and must swat away that speeding gripper no matter what protective or crazy glove he may be wearing. 

Available on the App Store and Google Play Store early November.

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