How We Created a Mobile Game On a Budget [Part 2]

How We Created a Mobile Game On a Budget [Part 2]

Converting Photography Into Video Game Graphics.

Using real life photography or stock photo graphics as game art is a specific stylist choice. In our case it did more than just provide a pseudo-realistic cartoon appearance, it helped our development time and costs. Instead of facing the drawbacks of hiring an illustrator, we were able to keep our art production in-house and ended up spending much less time capturing and editing our graphics than it would have taken to have them drawn. Using this genre of art helps to create an unsettling and humorous aesthetic which happens to fit our game’s theme perfectly.



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Getting Creative With Your Characters To Develop a Deeper Story.

While planning the mechanics and visuals of this game we were aware that there would be no definitive character in view. There is a sandwich and there are a flurry of hands lunging toward that sandwich. Between that inanimate food item and some angry disembodied limbs I’m sure you’re able to figure out who the antagonist is along with the protagonist. We were able to create a story behind the idea of random arms relentlessly attempting to steal the sandwich; a nosy neighbor who can’t resist your beautiful sandwich. However that is still a one dimensional character. So to create more personality, as well as more game play, we added a variety of gloves for these hands to wear. After all, the only part of this neighbor character that you get to see is from the elbow down. The different gloves represent the strength and determination of the hands depending on the quality of the glove they are wearing, effecting both the character story and game play difficulty.

Exaggerated Sounds Are Fun Sounds Even If They’re Not Totally Accurate.

Impact sounds can be punchy, crisp, loud, echoing, wispy, or in our case, wet and subtle. By choosing a sound that doesn’t quite match the realistic noise of your subject, it can be more interesting to hear and even entertaining to listen to over and over again. Slapping is the main mechanic in Grandma’s Sandwich so we had to choose a sound that wouldn’t be annoying if you were forced to hear it repeatedly. Generally a slap is a high pitch, loud, abrasive noise, so changing it to a comedic wet meaty spank not only conveniently suits our games quirky style, its also bound to be appreciated by the listener’s ears.

Compare the two clips below to see the effect of adding an extra touch of unexpected sound to the scene.

Recording your own sound effects is another way to remain within your budget. No need to pay a third party when nearly anyone can achieve a quality sound effect even with minimal equipment; all you need to do is get creative with how and what you record.

Available on the App Store and Google Play Store early November.

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